Growing Moss on Objects in a Sealed Terrarium: A Step-by-Step Guide

Growing Moss on Objects in a Sealed Terrarium: A Step-by-Step Guide

Creating a sealed terrarium with moss elegantly growing on objects is an artful way to bring a touch of nature into your home. This miniature ecosystem not only offers a serene slice of the outdoors but also provides an opportunity to get creative with moss. Growing moss on objects within a terrarium can transform these items into enchanting, green-covered focal points. Here’s how you can achieve this captivating effect.

Understanding Moss

Moss is a versatile, low-maintenance plant, making it ideal for terrariums. It thrives in humid environments with indirect light, characteristics that are naturally present in a sealed terrarium. Moss doesn’t have traditional roots; instead, it absorbs water and nutrients through its leaves, allowing it to grow on various surfaces.

Choosing the Right Moss

Select moss types that are suitable for terrariums, like cushion moss or sheet moss. These varieties adapt well to the moist, enclosed environment of a terrarium and can easily be encouraged to grow on objects.

Preparing Your Terrarium

  1. Select a Container: Choose a glass container with a sealable lid. The transparency of glass allows for ample light, and the seal helps maintain the necessary humidity.
  2. Lay the Foundation: Start with a layer of gravel or small stones for drainage. Add a thin layer of activated charcoal to keep the environment fresh.
  3. Add Soil: A thin layer of soil is sufficient, as moss does not require deep soil to grow.

Choosing Objects for Moss Growth

Select objects that will enhance the visual appeal of your terrarium. These could be rocks, small figurines, or branches. Ensure they are clean and free of chemicals.

Attaching Moss to Objects

  1. Prepare the Moss: Soak your moss in water to hydrate it, then gently squeeze out excess moisture.
  2. Attach the Moss: Use a clean brush or your fingers to gently press the moss onto the objects. If needed, you can use a safe, water-soluble glue or rubber bands to help adhere the moss.
  3. Placement in the Terrarium: Place the moss-covered objects in the terrarium, arranging them in a visually pleasing manner.

Sealing and Maintenance

  1. Seal the Terrarium: Once your moss is in place, close the lid to create a humid, self-sustaining environment.
  2. Lighting: Position the terrarium in a spot where it receives indirect sunlight. Moss is sensitive to too much light.
  3. Watering: Check the moisture level occasionally. The sealed environment should maintain adequate humidity, but if it looks dry, lightly mist the moss.
  4. Monitoring: Regularly inspect your terrarium for any signs of mold or unhealthy moss, and remove any affected parts promptly.

Tips for Success

  • Patience is Key: Moss grows slowly, so give it time to establish and spread.

  • Avoid Overwatering: Too much moisture can lead to mold growth.

  • Trim and Prune: Keep the moss tidy by trimming overgrown areas.


Growing moss on objects in a sealed terrarium is a delightful way to create a miniature green world. It's a project that combines gardening skills with artistic expression, resulting in a living piece of art. Whether you’re a seasoned terrarium enthusiast or a beginner, this guide will help you embark on a journey of creating a beautiful, moss-covered spectacle.

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