How to Grow Moss in Your Terrarium

How to Grow Moss in Your Terrarium


Terrariums, those captivating, self-contained worlds of green, are a unique and soothing addition to any space. While ferns and tropical plants often take center stage in your closed terrarium, there's another natural wonder that can transform your terrarium into a lush paradise: moss. In this article, we will guide you through the steps of growing moss in your terrarium, ensuring it thrives in its glass enclosure.

Choosing the Right Moss for Your Terrarium

Before you embark on your moss-growing journey, it's crucial to select the right type of moss. Several moss species are suitable for terrariums, including sheet moss, mood moss, and cushion moss. Each brings its unique charm and texture to your mini-ecosystem.

Selecting an Appropriate Container

The foundation for your mossy masterpiece is the terrarium itself. Choose a clear glass container that allows plenty of light to enter. Transparency is essential because it ensures that your moss gets the indirect light it needs to flourish. A sealed lid or an open container will work, depending on the humidity and ventilation requirements of your chosen moss variety.

Prepping the Terrarium

Preparing your terrarium is key to creating a conducive environment for moss growth. Start with a layer of activated charcoal to prevent odours and mold. Below the charcoal, add a layer of small stones or pebbles to facilitate proper drainage. These layers serve as the foundation for your moss bed.

Creating a Moss Bed

After the preparatory steps, spread a layer of high-quality potting soil evenly over the stone layer. Gently press your selected moss onto the soil surface, making sure to achieve even coverage. Consider this as creating a soft, mossy bed within your terrarium. Spray the moss bed with distilled water to hydrate the moss and keep it green (tap water may cause the moss to change colours depending on the chlorine level).

Providing the Right Conditions

Moss thrives in conditions that replicate its natural habitat, which is generally indirect or filtered light. Find a spot for your terrarium where it can receive adequate light without being exposed to harsh direct sunlight. Moss also loves humidity, so be prepared to mist it regularly to maintain the desired moisture level. A mister bottle is a handy tool for this task.

Maintaining Your Moss

Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your moss bed healthy and vibrant. Inspect your terrarium periodically to ensure the moss remains moist. If it dries out, a light misting with water should do the trick. Over time, you may need to trim and maintain the moss to encourage even growth and prevent it from becoming too thick.


Growing moss in a terrarium can be a rewarding and visually stunning experience. By choosing the right moss, preparing your terrarium with care, providing the correct conditions, and maintaining your moss bed, you can create a captivating green world within a glass enclosure. As you nurture and watch your moss thrive, you'll find that terrariums become even more enchanting with the lush touch of this resilient and vibrant plant. Enjoy the serenity of your miniature mossy paradise!

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