Top 5 Terrarium Supplies and Tools for Beginners

Top 5 Terrarium Supplies and Tools for Beginners

Making a sealed terrarium is like building a tiny green world inside a glass. It’s a fun way to bring a bit of nature inside your home. If you’re new to this or even if you’ve made a few terrariums, there are some tools and supplies that make the job easier and help keep your tiny garden healthy. Here are the top five things you’ll need to start your own sealed terrarium.

1. A Glass Container with a Lid

Your terrarium needs a home, and that’s where a glass container comes in. Pick one that has a lid so it can keep the air and moisture inside just right for your plants. Jars, bottles, or even fish tanks with a tight lid are perfect. The clear glass lets you see all your plants and makes sure they get enough light.

2. Gravel or Small Stones

Before you add soil, you’ll need a layer of small stones or gravel at the bottom of your container. This layer helps hold extra water so the soil doesn’t get too wet and soggy. It’s like making a little drainage system inside your terrarium to keep your plants from getting too much water.

3. Activated Charcoal

After the stones, put a thin layer of activated charcoal. This special kind of charcoal helps clean the water and air inside your terrarium, keeping everything fresh. It works like a filter, taking away smells and helping prevent mold and bacteria from growing.

4. Soil

Now you need some soil for your plants to grow in. Use a good potting soil that’s meant for the types of plants you’re putting in your terrarium. The soil is where your plants will get their nutrients and hold their roots, so make sure it’s good stuff!

5. Tools: Tweezers, Mister, and Spray Bottle

  • Tweezers: These are super helpful for placing your plants and moving things around in the tight space of your terrarium. They let you grab and position plants without making a mess or damaging them.

  • Mister and Spray Bottle: Keeping the right level of moisture is key in a sealed terrarium. A mister or spray bottle lets you gently add water to your plants without overdoing it. It’s great for keeping the humidity just right inside the glass.

Putting It All Together

With these five supplies and tools, you’re all set to start building your sealed terrarium. Begin with your glass container and layer in the stones, charcoal, and soil. Then, carefully plant your plants using the tweezers. Once everything looks good, use your mister or spray bottle to lightly water the plants. Put the lid on, and you’ve got your own little green world!

Remember, making a terrarium is not just about putting plants in a jar. It’s about creating a tiny ecosystem that can take care of itself. With the right tools and supplies, anyone can make a beautiful terrarium. It’s a fun way to learn about plants and watch how they grow and change over time.

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