Navigating the Terrarium Dilemma – Closed vs. Open Terrariums Explained

Navigating the Terrarium Dilemma – Closed vs. Open Terrariums Explained


Terrariums, those little ecosystems behind glass, have a magical allure for plant lovers. But when it comes to deciding between closed and open terrariums, the choice can feel like a bit of a puzzle. In this journey, we'll unravel the charm of these two terrarium styles, helping you figure out which one suits your leafy companions and your style.

Closed Terrariums

Understanding Closed Terrariums: Closed terrariums are like their own little worlds, sealed off and self-sufficient. They create a mini Eden with plants, soil, and recycled air. The humidity they keep inside makes them a sweet spot for tropical plants that love a bit of moisture. It's like having a green haven that practically takes care of itself.

The Ups and Downs of Closed Terrariums: The perks of closed terrariums are pretty sweet. They're low-maintenance, asking for just a little attention now and then. The closed system also lets you grow humidity-loving plants, giving your terrarium a lush, jungle vibe.

But, and there's always a but, closed terrariums have their challenges. Keeping the humidity in check is crucial because too much can lead to mold, and not every plant is a fan of the sealed environment. It's like finding the right rhythm for a dance – you need to choose your partners carefully.

Open Terrariums

Cracking Open the World of Open Terrariums: Open terrariums are a breath of fresh air, literally. These terrariums don't seal the deal, allowing for more airflow and a playground for a variety of plants.

Pros and Cons of the Open Life: Open terrariums are all about flexibility. The extra airflow means you can pick from a wide range of plants, making it a playground for diversity. Fresh air also means less worry about mold, creating a more forgiving space for plant enthusiasts.

But, here's the twist. Open terrariums need a bit more hands-on love. You'll be the DJ, monitoring soil moisture levels and keeping up with watering. The freedom in plant choices also comes with the responsibility of meeting each one's specific needs.

Picking Your Terrarium Side: Choosing between closed and open terrariums boils down to what you love, the plants you want, and how much TLC you're ready to give. If you fancy a set-it-and-forget-it vibe with a lush, self-sustaining show, closed terrariums are calling your name. On the flip side, if you're all about a hands-on adventure, curating a diverse mix of plants, open terrariums might be your green haven.

Crafting Your Terrarium Escape: Closed or open, both terrarium styles open the door to creating enchanting mini-worlds. Armed with the quirks of each, your journey into the world of terrariums promises not just a pop of green in your space but a sanctuary for nature's tiny wonders.


In the grand dance of closed and open terrariums, both bring their unique flair to the green stage. Whether you're drawn to the self-sufficient charm of closed terrariums or the dynamic diversity of open ones, your terrarium adventure is a canvas waiting for your creative touch. Sealed or unsealed, each choice leads to a green retreat behind the glass. The stage is set – it's time to let your terrarium journey unfold.

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