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Terrarium Kit

Nerve Plant Seedling (Fittonia)

Nerve Plant Seedling (Fittonia)

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Elevate the aesthetic of your closed terrarium with the eye-catching Nerve Plant (Fittonia) seedling. This vibrant and visually striking plant is an excellent selection for adding a splash of color and intricate patterns to your miniature ecosystem.

Key Features:

  • Height: Fittonia seedlings are perfectly suited for terrariums, growing to a modest height of about 3-6 inches, making them an ideal ground cover or accent plant.
  • Foliage Color: The Nerve Plant is celebrated for its rich green leaves accented with vivid contrasting veins, available in shades of white, pink, or red, adding a dramatic flair to your terrarium.
  • Leaf Shape: Fittonia features broad, ovate leaves with a unique, mosaic-like vein pattern that stands out beautifully against the lush greenery of a terrarium.
  • Growth Habit: With a spreading, low-growing habit, Fittonia is excellent for filling in spaces and creating a dense, lush look in your terrarium.
  • Terrarium Compatibility: Thriving in the humid, indirect light conditions typical of closed terrariums, Fittonia is a natural choice for this type of environment.
  • Easy Care: This plant requires minimal maintenance, needing only consistent moisture and occasional pruning to manage growth and maintain its vibrant appearance.

The Nerve Plant (Fittonia) seedling is more than just a terrarium plant; it's a living piece of art. Its distinctive appearance and easy-care nature make it a beloved choice for terrarium enthusiasts of all levels. Bring a touch of intricate beauty to your closed terrarium with this stunning and versatile plant.

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Customer Reviews

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Mike was very professional and very accommodating ! The plants travelled a long ways and came in in excellent health . I recommend him as he is excellent to deal with :)


Everything arrived in great condition and is the highest quality. Very much appreciate the amount of care taken to ensure everything arrived perfectly. Now to watch everything grow.